Institute of Botany
Founded in: 1939
Specialization: Botany

Main Activity

  • Flora of Armenia: systematic, geobotany and plant genetics.
  • Industrially valuable plant species of Armenia /medicinal, edible, technical, and fodder species).
  • Protection and recreation of Armenian and world plant biodiversity in Botanical Gardens of Armenia.
  • Investigation and protection of the flora of Armenia.
  • Conservation of rare and endemic flora species of Armenia in ex situ conditions.
  • Greenery planting in urban areas, settlements and industrial plants.
  • Conservation and reproduction of alpine forest ecosystems in Armenia.
  • Rehabilitation of specific diversity of forests.
  • Peculiarities of silviculture of the Sevan basin and ways for its improvement.
  • conservation and rehabilitation of elite plant species in Yerevan Botanic Garden.
  • participation in creation of specially protected areas.
  • projects to combat desertification.


    Address: Avan, Yerevan 0025, Republic of Armenia
    Tel.:(+374 10) 621781 Fax:(+374 10) 628211
    E-mail: [email protected]