Institute of Hydroponics Problems
Founded in: 1947
Specialization: Hydroponics, Biotechnology

General Information

  • Department of Industrial Hydroponics: Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Productivity, laboratory of Plant Tissue Culture, laboratory of Phytotron Hydroponics, experimental Hydroponic Station.
  • Laboratory of Radiation Agrochemistry.
  • Dilijan Forest Experimental Hydroponic Station
  • Scientific-industrial Hydroponic Station of Etchmiatsin.

    Main Activity

  • Soilless production of plants by industrial method. Research topics: - Development of biotechnology for a number of valuable little-tonnage, rare and endangered medicinal, aromatic, dye-bearing and tree-shrub plant soilless production. - Studies of physiological (water regime, intensity and productivity of photosynthesis and transpiration, content of photosynthetic pigments, etc.), biochemical, pharmacochemical (biosynthesis of physiologically active and secondary origin compounds) and radiochemical (content of natural and artificial redionuclides and heavy metals) and other peculiarities of crops grown under soilless conditions. - Development of biotechnologies for soma valuable agricultural and other crop (henna, indigo, carnation, geranium, bryonia) planting material production by combination of in vitro method and hydroponics. - New system design with polymer-shell application ("water-jet hydroponics"), which is an innovation in this field and 5-6 times reduces expenses of constructing hydropnicums. - Introduction of rare and endangered plants with valuable adaptogene properties to Armenia and investigation of their soilless cultivation feasibility.
  • Studies on matter circulation and balance in nature In connection with re-operation of Armenian Nuclear Power Station, sum b radioactivity, migration and accumulation peculiarities of natural (U) and artificial (90Sr and 137Cs) radionuclides and heavy metals (Fe, Zn, Ti, Mn, V, Ni, Cu, Pb, Cr, Mo, Su, Ag) in soil-water–plant system are studied.


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