State Microbial Depository Centre
Founded in: 1993
Specialization: Microbiology, Biotechnology

Main Activity

The Centre represents the National Culture Collection of Armenia for undangered microorganisms of scientific and industrial importance. It is the basis for creation of the National Culture Collection and database for plant and animal tissues and cells. The Centre currently holds around 10000 strains of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and streptomycetes. There are a lot of well-defined extremophilic forms having important significance for production of different biologically active substances. Biocatalytic specialized Data Bank and Database of microbial strains have been created. R&D comprise the screening and identification of new isolates, the development of the methods for long-term maintenance and conservation of their viability and stability of industrially valuable properties and the search of new practical applications for microbial cultures kept. It is actively engaged in realization of national programs in biotechnology in Armenia.


Address: Abovian city, 2201, Republic of Armenia
Tel.:(+374 222) 23240, Fax:(+374 222) 23240
E-mail: [email protected]