Institute of Molecular Biology
Founded in: 1966
Specialization: Cell activity regulation molecular mechanisms on metabolic, genetic and membrane levels

Main Activity

  • Chromatin structural transitions and transcription regulation.
  • Role of peculiarities of chromatin-phospholipid interrelation in live cells activity and survival.
  • Anticancer drugs binding on DNA.
  • DNA repair in eukaryotes.
  • Role of R-plasmid in development ofinfectious diseases.
  • Effects of exogenic nucleic acids upon penetration inpro- and eukaryotic cells.
  • Metabolic enzymes structural organization onmolecular and supramolecular levels.
  • Enzymes activity regulatory mechanisms on the quaternary structure.
  • Isoenzymes and adaptation.
  • Transmembrane signaling.
  • Lipid-protein interactions.
  • Macromolecular complex formation processes.
  • Cell differentiation and diseases.
  • Immune response regulation and autoimmune processes.
  • Molecular pathomechanisms of lipid metabolism disorders.
  • Molecular pathomechanisms of schizophrenia disorder.
  • Molecular pathomechanisms of leukemia disorder.
  • Free radical protecting systems.
  • Natural and artificial antioxidants.
  • Involvement of membrane structures in radioprotection mechanisms.


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