Institute of Geological Sciences
Founded in: 1935
Specialization: Geology of the Central Segment of the Alpine-Himalayan Belt

Main Activity

The basic scientific research lines are: general and regional geology, seismic tectonics,seismic hazard assessment, geodynamics phanerozoic biostratigraphy, lithogenesis of sedimentary and volcanic-sedimentary formations, geology and petrology of magmatic and metamorphic formations, volcanology, geology of mineral resource deposits,metallogeny, geochemistry and mineralogy of hydrothermal ore formations, geological informatics, engineering geology and hydrogeology, efficient use and protection of geological environment, mapping and assessment of natural landscape geosystems. Geology-oriented research institutes and higher education establishments of Moscow and Leningrad helped greatly in teaching and training of Armenian scientists. In the past years, there were carried out fundamental investigations in various fields of geology and geography, which resulted in several dozens of monographs and numerous scientific publications


24A, Marshall Baghramian Avenue, Yerevan 0019, Republic of Armenia
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