Institute of Geophysics and Engeneering Seismology
Founded in: 1961
Specialization: Geophysics, Engineering Seismology, Seismoresistant Construction

Main Activity

  • Study of the earth's crust abyssal structure and contemporary geodynamic processes.
  • Geomagnetics and paleomagnetics.
  • Seismic hazard assessment.
  • Study of earthquake focuses' physics and mechanisms; New methods for ore geophysics and quantitative assessment of parameters of seismic influences.
  • Study of ground seismic peculiarities.
  • Working out and improvement of methods for general seismic zonation (GSZ) and microseismic zonation (MSZ).
  • Working out of new methods for calculation of buildings' and structures' seismostability.
  • Investigations in the sphere of search for earthquake effective forerunners and modelling of seismic processes.


    5, Leningradian Str. Gyumri, 377515 Republic of Armenia
    Tel.(+374 312) 31261, Fax:(+374 312) 31261
    E-mail: [email protected]