Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law
Founded in: 1969
Specialization: Philosophical, sociological, psychological and legal studies

Main Activity

  • General problems of contemporary philosophy
  • Historical-and-cultural context of the history of philosophy
  • History of the Armenian philosophy and aesthetics
  • Contemporary problems of the philosophy of history
  • Problems of the encounter of civilizations and Armenia
  • Theory of the civil society
  • Civic society
  • Current political and social situation
  • Society-state relationship
  • Society in extreme situations
  • Sociological problems of country in transition
    Political Science:
  • Armenia in global world
  • Democratization of Armenian Society
  • Social and political alienation
  • Armenian political movements and parties
  • Information society and globalization
  • Dynamics of political values
    Legal studies:
  • Constitutional law of the Republic of Armenia
  • Parliament and Parliamentarism
  • History of legal theory in Armenia
  • Personal psychology
  • Psychology of perception

    International Activity

    The Institute co-operates with Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences: Sociological Centers of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgian and Moldavian Academies of Sciences; Disaster Research Center of Delaware University (USA); Institute for International Studies of University of Nevada; Reno (USA) and with Armenian offices of UNDP, UNHCR, UNISEF, IOM, OSCE. The Institute participated in several international scientific conferences and congresses on Sociology and Philosophy. The Institute took a grant of W. Fulbright Foundation; Open Society Institute of Sores Foundation; IOM, the grants were awarded to researchers of the Institute from Boston University (USA); Fordham University (USA); Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany).


    44 Aram Str., Yerevan 0010, Republic of Armenia
    Tel.(+374 10) 530571, 530691, 530822 Fax:(+374 10) 531096
    E-mail: [email protected]