Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography
Founded in: 1959
Specialization: Archaeology, Ethnography, Ethno-sociology, Anthropology, Epigraphy

Main Activity

  • Archaeology of Stone Age: Armenian Highland (and adjacent countries).
  • Archaeology, so-cial and economic history, art and mythology of the Bronze and Iron Ages: Arme-nian High-land (and adjacent countries of the Near East, Northern-Black-Sea and Eastern Mediterranean).
  • Archaeology, social and economic history, religion and art of Urartu (and adjacent Lands: Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Levant).
  • Archaeology, social and eco-nomic history, art and religion of the Classic Armenia (interactions with Roman world, Iranian Empires, Mesopotamia and further countries).
  • Archaeology, history and culture of the medie-val Armenia and adjacent countries of the Near East.
  • Epigraphy of the Armenian Highland (mainly Medieval age and XVIII beginning of the XX century) and Armenian Diaspora.
  • Armenian Folk Lore: collection and syste-ma-tisation of materials.
  • Documen-tation, elaboration and correlation of Armenian folk lore, mythology of ancient Armenia and comparative mythology, mythological percep-tions at present. Anthropology of Armenia and their ancestors.
  • Ethnography of Armenia and Armenians abroad spiritual and secular traditional culture (religion, literature, mentality, folk art, han-dicraft, social life, dances, traditional theatre, communication).
  • Ethno-sociology of Armenians and other nations living in Armenia (Influence of traditional cultural and modern political, psychological factors on behaviour).


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