Institute of Oriental Studies
Founded in: 1971
Specialization: History and Philology of the Near and Middle East

Main Activity

Historical, socio-political, economic, cultural, international, regional, religious rela-tions, prob-lems of national minorities and ethnic groups of the countries and peoples of the Middle East and Caucasus from antiquity to the present, the place and role of Armenia in the Middle Eastern - Transcaucasian geopolitical system and the Foreign Policy of Armenia after achie-ving independence (1990s), in particular ethnic, socio-economic and cultural-linguistic prob-lems of Assyria, Babylon, the Hittite kingdom, Urartu and other political entities, as well as with Hellenism, problems of eastern-Christian communities, Armenian-Georgian and Arme-nian-Byzantine interrelations, the Caucasian ethnocultural area, the problems of medie-val and modern history of the Arab East (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.), national-liberation move-ments, ideology, Islam, history of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, the Armenian Question and the Armenian Genocide, Pan-Turkism, Pan-Islamism, Kemalism, Neo-Ottoma-nism and Neo-Pan-Turkism, history of Iran, the Islamic Revolution different problems of the ethno-cultural and linguistic peculiarities, Kurdish philology history, Armenian-Kurdish rela-tions, Kurdish problem today (in Iraq, Turkey, etc.), as well as Armenia in the Middle Eastern regio-nal system and its relations with the countries of this region, the policy of the great powers in the Middle East.


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