Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems
Founded in: 1957
Specialization: Computer Science and Information Technologies

Main Activity

  • Theoretical and applied investigations in the area of the computer science and informational technolagies.
  • Creation and propagation of artificial intellectual systems.
  • Automata theory and computer aided design.
  • Theory of algorithms and software automated synthesis.
  • Cognitive algorithms and models.
  • Pattern recognition systems and distributed processing.
  • Artificial intelligence and management support systems.
  • Mathematical logic and automated logical deduction.
  • Computational methods and digital image processing.
  • Data coding and transmission problems.
  • Information theory and applied statistics.
  • Discrete analyses and applied software technologies.
  • Distributed systems software.
  • Mathematical methods in linear algebra and linear programming.
  • Computer aided telephone communication.

  • Collaboration

  • USA - University of Santa Clara
  • Germany - Universities of Bielefeld and Essen
  • Japan - University of Osaka
  • Switzerland - University of Zurich
  • Research Institutes of Moscow, Saint Peterburg

  • Contacts

    Address: 1, P.Sevak St., Yerevan 0014, Republic of Armenia
    Tel.:(+374 10) 285812, Fax:(+374 10) 283020
    E-mail: [email protected]