Institute of Chemical Physics
Founded in: 1975
Specialization: Theory of chemical conversion. Chemistry of free radicals. Chain reactions. Combustion and explosion. Combustion chemistry.

Main Activity

  • Theory of chemical conversion.
  • Complex and elementary chemical reactions with participation of free radicals.
  • Chemistry of free radicals.
  • Chain reactions.
  • Combustion and explosion in the gas and condensed phases.
  • Synthesis of inorganic materials under condition of combustion.
  • Development of technologies of refractory material production by means of SHS method.
  • Catalytic processes.
  • Heterophase chemical processes.
  • Conversion of solid inorganic compounds under influence of gas phase chain reactions.
  • Photochemical and laser chemical processes, reactions of excited particles.
  • Mathematical modeling and regulation of the chemical processes.
  • Some problems of environmental chemistry.


  • Chain and Radical Reactions
  • Hydrocarbon Oxidation
  • Kinetics and Catalysis
  • Kinetics of SHS
  • Liquid Phase Free Radical Reactions
  • Technology of SHS


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