Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics
Founded in: 1960
Specialization: Radiophysics & Electronics

General Information

The Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics was founded in 1960 and comprises a staff of 250 persons from whom 45 are of Doctoral or Professoral level. IRPhE is a R&D arm of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences engaged in the fields of radio engineering, automatic control, theoretical physics, solid state physics, semiconductors and superconductivity. The Institute has an area of about 200 acres, within which there are located research laboratories totaling about 13.000 sq meters, plus about 10.000 sq m assigned to design, development and production. Institute has also two 7m E2-class and one 12m B-class full-rotatable antennas.

Main Activity

  • Development of radio physical methods and microwave units and systems for remote sensing of the Earth and atmosphere, medical diagnostics and analysis of material characteristics.
  • Development of new functional elements and metal (dielectric) waveguide structures in the THz frequency band.
  • Synthesis and analysis of semiconductor nanometer heterostructures and complex thin-film materials for application in IR optics (electronics).
  • Study of crystal lattice defects in solids, affecting mechanical and electric (optical) characteristics of materials.
  • Theoretical analysis of electromagnetic waves propagation in plasma, generated by moving charged particles.

    Internartional Activity

    IRPhE is engaged in the ISTC project “Development of Highly Sensitive Microwave Receivers for Radio Astronomy, Meteorology and Earthquake Forecasting”; Researches are carried out under INTAS-Open program on “Current Transport and HF Interactions in High Tc Superconducting Multi-Junctions”; IRPhE specialists are engaged in the NATO “Science for Peace” project “Super-Sensitive High Tc Superconducting Multi-Junction Josephson Devices for Environmental Investigation and Biomagnetic Applications”.


  • Microwave Systems
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Antenna Complex
  • Millimeter-Wave Devices
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Electronic Automation
  • Semiconductor Electronics


    Address: Alikhanian Bros., 1, IRPhE, Ashtarak, 378410, Republic of Armenia
    Tel.:(+374 10) 287850,Fax:(+374 232) 33770
    E-mail: [email protected]