Center for Ecological Noosphere Studies
Founded in: 1989
Specialization: Environmental Studies and Geochemistry

Main Activity

Multidisciplinary investigations carried out at the Ecocenter are oriented at the complex assessment of the territory ecological state and elaboration of scientific-methodical fundamentals of ecological expertise, optimization of nature management processes. The structure of the Ecocenter comprises a number of problem-oriented laboratories and research teams conducting investigations in the following areas: - environmental geochemistry, - biogeochemical cycles, - biomonitoring, - radioecology (systematic collection of primary information has been carried out since 1958), - bioenergetics, - assessment and mapping of landscapes and natural resources, - geopathogenic zones, - computer technologies and databases in the field of environmental protection. The Ecocenter carries out interdisciplinary investigations in the field of human ecology. In particular, joint programs in co-operation with the National Institute of Health, the Armenian Institute of General Hygiene and Occupational Diseases have been elaborated. The Ecocenter`s laboratories provide atomic-absorption, spectral, emission, spectrophotometric, radiation, mass-spectrometric and chemical methods of analysis.


68, Abovian St., Yerevan 0025, Republic of Armenia
Tel.(+374 10) 569331, Fax:(+374 10) 580254
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